Very Sustainable Environmental Revelation

The Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan 에서 개최되는, ‘Very Sustainable?Environmental Revelation’ 전시에 장연순작가님이 참여합니다.

Very Sustainable?Environmental Revelation

Duration:2017.09.03 – 2017.12.17
Venue:MOCA Yinchuan
Curator:Suchen Hsieh

In nearly thirty years as an exhibition curator, I have always straddled the line between realism and ideals, and played the mediator between emotion and reason. From the curation of a single exhibition to a more comprehensive practice, I have always been experimenting with ways of using exhibitions to bring together different cities and different fields, to forge links between individuals, subjects, texts, collectives and universal values. When it comes to the dialogue between the values of the arts field and shared “social” values, this is a topic in which we intellectuals have always fallen short vis-a-vis our surroundings. At the beginning of this century, purely visual art had great difficulty contending with other multimedia forms of art, even though there is no point in such contention. What are the epochal concerns of the artist? What are the topics that have nothing to do with the art museum in this era, and what are the issues that transcend boundaries of nation and race? The existential issues that should be discussed within the conceptual system of contemporary art, have instead, in the bustle of so many exhibitions, turned into the waste of operational resources and the release of great amounts of carbon in the shipping process. In light of this, I have set out to curate an exhibition with environmental protection as its text, and sustained development as its subject, in hopes of bringing together artistic aesthetics and contemporary art’s pursuit of material perfection towards a discussion of other possibilities in the face of rampant consumerism. We have invited international contemporary artists and architects to apply the textual concepts of their respective fields, and employ reusable materials to probe the reuse of ordinary and discarded objects, issues in environmental protection, and the problems wrought by globalization, in hopes of conveying a stance of reflection on human civilization in a time of global change.

List of Artists:
Akinori Matsumoto 、Chen Nina 、Choi So Young 、CHOU Tai-Chun 、CL Lam 、Fang Wei-Wen 、Hany Rashed 、He Chongyue 、Huang Xiaopeng、Jiang Liang 、Jonas Merian 、Kentaro Taki 、 Lei Lei、Li Hongbo 、Li Xinyu 、Luo Peng 、Luxury Logico 、Meng Baishen 、Mona Marzouk 、Said Kamel 、 Shen Baohua、 Shen Shaomin 、Teppei Kaneuji 、Tong Kunniao 、Wang Haichuan 、Wang Lei 、Wang Lichen 、Wu Gaozhong 、Yasmine Elmeleegy 、Yeonsoon Chang