PAD London 2023

Chang Yeonsoon, Kim Dongjun,Kim Deokho, Lee Inhwa,Lee Jeongwon,

2023-10-09 ~ 2023-10-15

Gallery LVS
10-15 OCTOBER 2023

Booth No. B22 Gallery LVS&CRAFT

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At PAD London 2023, Gallery LVS plans to showcase not only domestic artists but also introduce international artists. They will present various crafts such as moon jars, objects, d'art, and Najeon-Chilgi to the international audience. Alongside nine Korean artists, three selected international artists will be featured.
Kim Dong-Jun, who utilizes the traditional technique of wood-fired kilns, is renowned for carrying on the legacy of Korean ceramics. He is currently one of the most popular moon jar artists, receiving significant attention.
Joining him is fiber artist Chang Yeon-Soon, known for her discerning selection of artworks. In 2013, she became the first Korean artist to have her works acquired by the renowned V&A in the UK, which is famously selective in its acquisitions. She was also a finalist for the Loewe Craft Prize.
As a couple of ceramic artists, Lee In-hwa and Kim Deok-ho have achieved the highest level of ceramic exploration that contemporary ceramics can offer. Lee’s cylinders are transparent like glass, creating a stunning spectacle as light passes through them. Kim’s Vestige vase series evokes the forms of mountains and water, featuring marbling patterns that give a sense of looking at a painting.
The new cylinders by Lee Jeong-won exhibit a rough yet smooth surface texture reminiscent of sand and stone. These cylinders incorporate geometric decorations. The simplicity of the rounded parts resembles branches emerging from a tree, while the interplay of straight and curved lines evokes a gathering of trees in a forest.
Najeon-Chilgi, which involves cutting and inlaying mother-of-pearl from shells such as abalone, and lacquering, is regarded as the epitome of Korea's thousand-year-old history and exceptional aesthetic consciousness. Among the Najeon-Chilgi artisans, Kim Seon-gap and Son Dae-hyun are considered the best in the world and are symbols of Korea's past and future.
In addition to these Korean artists, the exhibition will feature winners and finalists of the LOEWE Craft Prize.
Ernst Gamperl, the first winner of the LOEWE Craft Prize, gained attention for his project "Tree of Life," which carves dead wood into new forms, symbolizing a new life. These works are the closest to nature, preserving the traces of storms, severed branches, and the angles of gnarls that the trees experienced over 100-300 years.
Jennifer Lee, who continues the lineage of Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie, is a prominent British ceramic artist. She creates works using various types of clay, including special materials collected from nature, which are aged for up to 10 years. She produces only a small number of pieces, around ten pieces per year. Her works feature a band reminiscent of layers of the earth and are the closest to the earth among ceramic artists. She is the second winner of the LOEWE Craft Prize.
Bodil Manz is a globally recognized artist representing the history of ceramics, with her works exhibited in many museums, including Denmark. She combines geometric patterns with thin cylinders resembling eggshells, showcasing the culmination of her boundless artistic spirit and inventive ideas.
Gallery LVS aims to create scenes that allow visitors to contemplate time, technique, and emotions by presenting representative crafts from different eras. Through the craftsmanship that symbolizes the past and present, they strive to showcase the most exceptional and valuable art for the future.