리앙 춘펑 (Liang, Qunfeng)

Ezhaung Cottage (2014)

oil on canvas, 70x70cm

Quiet Village (2013)

oil on canvas, 60x70cm

Auspicious Clouds in Old Village (2015)

oil on canvas, 120x120cm

Fenced Village on Highlands (2013)

oil on canvas, 60x70cm

Fenced Trails (2013)

oil on canvas, 70x60cm



나는 중국 광시의 소수 문화와 관습을 좋아한다. 검정-노란 색의 나무 집들, 푸른 대나무 숲, 깊고 넓은 산들, 밝지만 덥지 않은 햇살 등, 광시의 풍경은 나에게 깊은 감명을 준다. 그 곳에 머무를 때 내 머릿속에는 다양한 이미지들이 시각에 의해 직관적으로 떠오른다. 물질적 가치가 중심이 된 현대 삶의 빠르고 바쁜 일상이 익숙한 우리는 관객이 되어 광시를 찾아갔을 때 삶은 매우 단순하다. 주민들은 서로에게 자비를 베풀고, 전통 관습들은 순수하며, 평화와 여유로운 공생을 유지한다. 그 누구도 명성이나 귀한 것을 좇지 않고 욕심을 부리지 않는다. 그들은 모두 따뜻한 마음으로 서로를 대하고, 서로의 음식을 권하고 자신의 옷과 살고 있는 집, 그리고 전통을 사랑한다. 이웃은 담 너머 서로를 볼 수 있고 이웃의 집에서 닭과 개가 짖는 것을 들을 수 있다. 또한 주민들은 본인의 음식을 직접 기르고 캐서 먹는다. 그 곳을 방문할 때마다 나는 그들의 삶의 방식에 감동받는다. 그리하여 나는 내 작업으로써 그곳의 자연스럽고 평화로운 모습을 강조하여 관객들로 하여금 현지 주민들이 평화롭고 행복하게 일하고 사는 순한 모습들에 빠질 수 있게 하고자 한다.
I like local customs and practices in minority region in Guangxi, China, very much. I find that the scenery, such as black-yellow wooden house, green bamboo forest, deep far mountains, and bright but not hot sunshine, gives me deep feelings. When I stay in those areas, all kinds of images will naturally emerge in my brain, of course, these are reflections of perceptual intuition of vision. As we usually are used to the busy and fast pace of life, driven by materialistic values, I can see that the life in Guangxi is simpler. Benevolence to others is a beauty, folk custom is honest, people living together with harmony and leisure, no one pursue worthy or rare, no one has large lust, people are kind-hearted, willing to eat their food, love their dress, love living in their house, and love their customs. Neighbors can see each other over their stockades, they can hear chicken and dog barking in other’s house, people grow food for themselves, stay sincere to each other. Every time, I come to Guangxi, I am moved by their lifestyle. Therefore, I always strengthen these regional features in my works, make it more natural and tranquil, and make the work be immersed in the gentle situation, thus reflect how local people live and work in peace and contentment.


M.F.A in Painting, Guangxi Arts Institute

Solo Exhibitions
2016 The Modest Height, Gallery LVS, Seoul

Selected Exhibitions
2016 Two X Five, Susan Eley Fine Art, New York
2015 Third Session Asian Youth Artist Nomination Exhibition, Beijing
2015 “The Land is Picturesque – The Third Session Chinese Oil Painting Outdoor Works Exhibition”, Beijing
2015 Waltz of Light and Color, Han-gyeong Gallery, Seoul
2014 Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
2014 “Visible Poetry Beauty” (Chinese oil painting landscape works exhibition)
2014 “Fortress pearl, beautiful Ningxia”, the 8th Western China earth love Chinese paintings and oil paintings
2013 “Harvest Southwest – Our soil and our people”
2013 The 1st Guangxi artworks
2012 Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
2012 Best drawing – Chinese youth oil paintings exhibition
2012 “Times elegant demeanor – various families Nanjing oil paintings”
2012 The 6th China-ASEAN youth artwork creation competition”
2011 Honorable mention in “Party building 90th anniversary Guangxi art calligraphy and photography works exhibition”

2015 Graduation award, the Third session western minority youth artist hold by Chinese Artist Association
2015 Government Award of 2015 Guangxi Art Exhibition